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The Kamp Stand is a convenient way to protect one of your most treasured outdoor accessories - your guitar! If you are planning an outdoor excursion to the park, beach or campground, rest assured your instrument will be safe from dirt and debris without the risk of being kicked over. Here is how it works: simply place the bottom of the stand into the ground - mud, sand, grass etc. and place the headstock of your acoustic guitar into the specially designed “K”- shaped “Klip”. Now your guitar is off of the ground and safe from falling over. Where it all began…As musicians and outdoor enthusiasts, we created the Kamp Stand out of necessity. While enjoying the campfire and jamming to our favorite live tunes, we began to search for a place that was free of rocks and mud to store our instruments while taking a break. It was at this moment that the Kamp Stand was born. While still in its infancy, we are continuing to develop variations that extend protection to a variety of instruments such as brass and woodwinds. We are also launching innovative additions to the original design. Stay up-to-date on new products by joining our mailing list or by following us on social media.

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